Center for Student Development

The Center for Student Development serves as a nexus between student and academic affairs and works collaboratively across the campus community to promote student development and engagement. We provide a dynamic four-year co-curricular trajectory for students to cultivate holistic growth, leadership and the tools to create positive social change. Through our work, students understand the intersection of the University mission and their roles as leaders in the local and global community.

Our vision: Students will be confident and capable leaders who create positive social change that speaks to their passions and to the diverse local and global community needs.

Our values drawn from the University mission:

  • Student-centeredness
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Mercy, justice, harmony
  • Compassion
  • Wisdom

Our values drawn from the social change model:

  • Individual: Consciousness of self, congruence and commitment
  • Group: Collaboration, common purpose and controversy with civility
  • Community: Citizenship

About Us

Who We Are

The Center for Student Development consists of staff members who work with various offices and departments to promote student engagement and co-curricular learning. We are also a hub for the Navigator Leadership Development Program, which highlights the values drawn from the Social Change Model of Leadership Development and aligns closely with our mercy mission by providing students with the tools to enact positive social change.

What We Do

We advocate for co-curricular learning, engagement and student success by:

  • Providing holistic guidance and transitional mentoring to all new students through the First Year Experience program.
  • Facilitating the Navigator Leadership Development Program that promotes individual, group and community values drawn from the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.
  • Supporting student success and engagement.
  • Helping to facilitate referrals from all members of the community, including faculty, staff and students.

Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in our programs will:

  • Demonstrate enhanced knowledge of University resources to help them succeed.
  • Demonstrate membership and engagement with the Salve Regina community.
  • Develop skills and garner insights that promote a deep awareness into individual, group and societal aspects of leadership.
  • Articulate how the University mission and the critical concerns of mercy can be used to lead positive social change.