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Holistic Leadership


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Our unique holistic leadership program is an integrative field of study where students learn theory and practice to gain skills that effect change in areas such as education, business, nonprofits, government, health care and the arts.

Our Program

Our curriculum develops master’s-level practitioners capable of working effectively with individuals, groups and larger systems in ways that reflect the program’s philosophy, our University’s mission and our changing world. We facilitate student mastery of theoretical material, holistic perspectives and leadership skill development as a practical art and a transformative process of change.

Within our creative and supportive learning community, our students use self-reflection as a foundation for effective leadership, learn proven intervention skills for facilitating shifts in group perspectives and work to develop guideposts for personal and larger systems change.

Courses are offered in the evenings at our Newport campus.

Program Spotlight: Doing the Work

During our recent reunion and celebration for the holistic leadership program, participants were asked to share how they are using integrative leadership in their field by answering the question: How are you doing the work?

 I am doing the work by being a career counselor. I love to help the students that I’m working with identify their strengths, interests and values and make connections with them so that they can bring those skills to the world. More than anything I feel that I’m a relationship builder. 

Kathleen Jackson ’10 (CAGS), career advisor, University of Rhode Island

Time to Complete

Three years

Program Format

Evening classes

Application Deadline

March 1, May 1 or Nov. 1

Our Faculty

In traditional, face-to-face classes, our distinguished and passionate faculty inspire students to explore their gifts, develop their capacity for effective leadership and contribute to social, organizational and global change.​


Meet Our Faculty

Holistic Leadership (M.A.)

12 courses | 36 credits

Required courses:

  • HLC504: Holistic Foundations
  • HLC505: Interpersonal Helping Skills
  • HLC507: The Body/Mind Connection
  • HLC540: Integrating Meaning
  • HLL519: Introduction to Holistic Leadership Perspectives
  • HLL520: Leading Holistically: Cross-Cultural Awareness
  • HLL522: Creative Leadership Intervention Skills I
  • HLL523: Creative Leadership Intervention Skills II
  • HLL527: Leading System Change and Translation

Students choose one of the following:

  • HLC508: Human Growth and Development
  • HLC512: Evaluation Research
  • HLC516: Group Process

Students also take two elective courses in holistic counseling, chosen from the following:

  • HLC500: Research Methods or HLC512: Evaluation Research
  • HLC508: Human Growth and Development 
  • HLC510: Cultural Awareness in Counseling 
  • HLC516: Group Process 
  • HLC517: Career Counseling 
  • HLC535: Introduction to Expressive Sound 
  • HLC575: Healing and Transformation 
  • HLC578: Body and Personal Myth: A Jungian Perspective 
  • HLC579: Grief Counseling 
  • HLC581: Special Topics 
  • HLC582: Introduction to the Expressive and Creative Arts as Transformation 
  • HLC584: Movement, Creativity and Consciousness: An Introduction 
  • HLC592: Arts, Nature and Eco-Consciousness