Combined Bachelor's/Master's Program

Through our popular accelerated program, qualified undergraduates can earn their bachelor's and master's degrees in just five to six years. Our combined bachelor's/master's programs are designed for the University's highly motivated and academically talented undergraduates, with a recommended GPA of 3.30 or higher.

Undergraduates complete the application process by Feb. 15 of their junior year. Students who are conditionally accepted into the master's program may take four graduate courses (12 credits) during their senior year. Of these 12 credits, six are applied to the undergraduate degree.

Final program acceptance is contingent upon successful completion of the bachelor's degree and the four graduate courses in the senior year.

Students interested in the combined bachelor's/master's program should inform their undergraduate advisor and meet with the appropriate graduate program director during the first semester of their junior year.


  • M.S. in administration of justice (5 years)
  • M.A. in applied behavior analysis (5 years)
  • MBA: Master of Business Administration (5 years)
  • M.A. in clinical rehabilitation and mental health counseling (6 years)
  • M.S. in health care administration and management (5 years)
  • M.A. in holistic clinical mental health counseling (6 years)
  • M.A. in holistic counseling (6 years)
  • M.A. in holistic leadership (5 years)
  • M.A. in humanities (6 years)
  • M.S. in innovation and strategic management (5 years)
  • M.A. in international relations (5 years)
  • M.A. in rehabilitation counseling (5.5 years)

To apply, students must submit the following to the graduate admission office:

  • Graduate application (due by Feb. 15 of the junior year)
  • Personal statement: Essay of 1-2 pages discussing your interest in pursuing a graduate degree program.
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty members.
  • Resume.