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The Newport MFA in Creative Writing


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Emily Dickinson said, “Forever is composed of nows.” As writers, we are always looking to understand the complexity of our lives and to expand and hold the now. If you’re like us, the Newport MFA could be your next beginning. Our flexible, low-residency creative writing program is based in Newport, Rhode Island - a paradise land steeped in history. We’ve gathered some of the country’s best writers as faculty to provide the inspiration, mentorship and professionalization needed to begin your happily ever after.

Our vibrant program immerses you in the creative life through craft talks, publishing and editing panels and mentorships, always with a sustained focus on your writing. The result is a full-length manuscript at the end of the two-year program. Our low-residency format honors the increasing demands on your time, teaching you to integrate writing into your day and setting you on the path to becoming a lifelong writer.

Program Details

  • Structure: Low residency, with an optional January residency in Havana, Cuba
  • Time to complete: Two years
  • Application deadlines: May 1 or Nov. 15

Upcoming Residency Dates

  • Jan. 1-10, 2021 (Newport or Havana, Cuba)
  • June 25 to July 4, 2021

The Newport MFA is designed for you - for your writing, your book and your life.

Our program confers an MFA in creative writing in the world's most inspirational settings. Newport, Rhode Island is a stunning coastal town steeped in cultural and literary history. Students also have the option to spend one January residency in Havana, Cuba. Dedicated to the rigor of graduate study, the Newport MFA provides outstanding guides and mentors, and balances the solitude of writing with a dynamic community experience. Genres offered include fiction, poetry, nonfiction and historical fiction.

To earn the MFA in creative writing, students must complete four residency/mentorship semesters in their chosen genre, followed by a final graduation residency. The campus residencies are immersive, 12-hour days designed for focused writing, daily workshops, craft lectures, manuscript consultations and keynote readings. There is also a strong focus on the professional aspects of writing through contact with literary agents, editors and publishers.

The mentorship follows the campus residency, with students returning home to pursue focused courses of study under the close supervision of a faculty mentor. During the final residency, students submit a completed manuscript and give a public reading of their creative work. The manuscript is then ready for submission to publishers. Or, if your dream is to pursue a job in academia, the Newport MFA provides the terminal degree required by most universities.

Time to Complete

2 years

Program Format

Low residency

Application Deadline

May 1 or Nov. 15

Program Spotlight: Katie Hughes-Pucci

Katie Hughes-Pucci '20 (MFA), who is from Rhode Island, said that Salve Regina's low-residency Newport MFA in creative writing just felt right, as Newport has always been in her backyard. She was also working full time and needed the flexibility.

 I think that's the beauty of a low-residency program in general. And it's where Salve just shines through. 


Our Faculty

 I’ve had the great pleasure of reaching out to the writers who have become my friends, my professional colleagues, who are names that everyone has heard, to invite them here both as teachers but also to come and give readings and craft talks as special guests. And we have a list that is really going to dazzle anyone who reads and loves literature. 

Ann Hood, founding director, the Newport MFA in creative writing


Meet Our Faculty

Program Spotlight: Literary Havana

All MFA students are encouraged to spend one of their winter residencies in Havana, Cuba, where the itinerary combines the usual workshops, craft talks and one-on-one literary learning with active exploration of Cuba's cultural scene, including a dynamic, off-the-beaten track exploration of the "real" Cuba, with its unique cultural, artistic and literary legacy.

Members of our faculty have extensive contacts and experience in Cuba, which has put the Newport MFA in a unique position to offer students a once-in-a-lifetime chance to focus on their craft even as they explore the cultural life of this rapidly changing Caribbean nation.