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Certificates in Holistic Counseling


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Our four-course certificates in holistic counseling provide professional development and growth in a variety of topics. In keeping with the University’s mission, our programs prepare students to work for a world that is harmonious, just and merciful by expanding knowledge and understanding in their chosen field.

Our Program

The Certificate of Graduate Studies is designed for students who are seeking advanced academic and/or professional training without the format pursuit of a master’s degree, while the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies is a post-master’s program. Working closely with a program director, students learn to incorporate the best in counselor education training with a holistic perspective.

While some courses may be completed online, evening courses are also offered at our Newport campus and in a hybrid classroom/online format.

Program Spotlight: Cultural Awareness

The course Cultural Awareness in Counseling takes an innovative and experiential approach to examining culture in the lives of counselors and their clients. Students explore personal thinking styles, biases, identity models, cultural counseling competencies, ethics and issues of justice and mercy though a creative and challenging lens. Each semester, students and the professor leave this course as a better version of their previous selves.

 One of the important things I learned in this course is that everyone has biased attitudes and beliefs. We have to actively work to deconstruct these on a daily basis to develop a holistic thinking style. 

Amirah Nelson '18 (M)

Our Faculty

Courses are taught by seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. Instructors work one-on-one with students to meet their individual needs while serving as career-focused mentors.​


Meet Our Faculty

Certificates in Holistic Counseling

Clinical Mental Health: Concentration in Holistic Counseling (CAGS)

4 courses | 12 credits

Required courses:

  • HLC504: Holistic Foundations and/or HLC540: Integrating Meaning
  • HLC528: Understanding Trauma in Counseling
  • HLC590: Internship Seminar I
  • HLC591 Internship Seminar II

Students should research the specific licensure requirements in the state where they intend to practice. In Rhode Island, the Board of Mental Health Counselors and Marriage/Family Therapists requires a candidate to complete two years (2,000 hours) of relevant counseling experience in the workplace, with 100 hours of clinical supervision from a board-approved supervisor prior to taking the licensure examination.

Program Brochure

Substance Abuse and Treatment (CAGS)

4 courses| 12 credits

Required prerequisite courses:

  • HLC509: Theories of Counseling
  • HLC515: Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • HLC516: Group Process

Equivalent courses from an accredited institution may also be accepted.

Required courses:

  • HLC620: Theory and Overview of Substance Abuse Treatment 
  • HLC621: Ethics and Confidentiality in Behavioral Health Care 
  • HLC622: Neuroscience of Chemical Dependency 
  • HLC623: Substance Abuse Treatment 

Program Brochure

Substance Abuse Foundations in Holistic Studies (CGS)

4 courses | 12 credits

Required courses:

  • HLC504: Holistic Foundations 
  • HLC505: Interpersonal Helping Skills 
  • HLC523: Foundations of Substance Abuse 
  • HLC524: Identification of Special Population Needs within the Context of Substance Abuse