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Federal Pell Grants

Based on federal eligibility, Pell Grants are federally funded student entitlements. Amounts can vary depending on annual federal appropriations.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants

Based on financial need, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants are federal funds distributed by the Office of Financial Aid to students who are also eligible for Pell Grants.

Salve Regina Grants

Funded by the University, Salve Regina grants are need-based awards. Eligibility is determined by the information on your annual FAFSA and the cost of attendance. Please note that the cost of attendance decreases if a student moves off campus and grants will be adjusted accordingly. Grants are prorated for part-time students in their final semester prior to graduation. All other students must maintain full-time status to remain eligible. 

Salve Regina Academic Scholarships and Grants

Awarded through the admission process, Salve Regina’s academic scholarships and grants are merit-based. Students are automatically considered for these scholarships and grants, and are notified at the time of their acceptance if they have received one of these awards. Academic scholarships and grants are renewable for up to four years according to the criteria set forth in the scholarship guidelines. Our office determines your eligibility for need-based aid only.