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English, Communications and Media

Through hands-on learning and theoretical study, the Department of English, Communications and Media explores the full range of literary genres and equips students with the wide array of tools needed to successfully communicate in the digital age.

Our programs foster the creative, critical and analytical skills needed for graduate study and for a variety of rewarding careers in fields such as law, publishing, media, education, business and government. Students may also choose to double major in English literature and secondary education, which prepares them to apply for Rhode Island teacher certification for grades 7-12.


Creative Writing

Creative writers are daydreamers and romantics, but they are also, as the poet Shelley said, “the unacknowledged legislators of the world.” Our program allows students to learn the craft of writing and close reading while acquiring skills that apply to all corners of academia and the market beyond.

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English Communications

In today’s world, no development has had more impact on the way humans communicate than social media. The rise of the Internet has given society a platform from which to brag, boast and toast. The advent of blog sites has literally changed the way news is reported, disseminated and digested. Our English communications program aims to equip students with the wide array of tools needed to successfully communicate in the digital age.

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English Literature

In the age of digital communication, literature has never been more important. In broad context, the study of literature develops an understanding of the world we live in. Words are a window to the world, and literature has recorded every historical event throughout the course of time. Literature takes the reader on a journey to imaginary places as if they were living it. If you wish to broaden your horizons, then the study of literature is a must.

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Film is one of the most important art and entertainment forms of the 21st century. Our program seeks to understand how and why “moving pictures” are made and encourages students to become powerful analysts and critics of films and their contexts, as well as producers of film content.

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