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Cyber @ Salve

Cyber @ Salve is Salve Regina's cyber center. We promote an interdisciplinary approach to cybersecurity research, course offerings and programs to generate innovative ideas. Our faculty use their unique experience and breadth of expertise to work with students and the broader Rhode Island community to develop a more resilient cyberspace. Our program draws on theory, policy and technical approaches to develop solution sets that meet the needs of law enforcement, justice, national security and homeland security professionals at the local, state, regional, national and international levels.

Our Mission

The Cyber @ Salve program, through teaching and research, prepares the men and women of Salve Regina and the broader Rhode Island community for a contested and complex cyber world. We strive for excellence by expanding knowledge, developing skills and cultivating values through interdisciplinary cybersecurity course offerings, speaker series and programs. The liberal arts and professional programs offered at Salve Regina allow students to think creatively and make sound judgments while working towards universal justice - both online and off-line.

Academic Programs

M.S. in Administration of Justice and Homeland Security

Our cutting-edge master’s degree in administration of justice and homeland security cultivates leaders and practitioners ready to tackle the security issues of today’s increasingly technological and global environment. Using an analytical approach to practice, our program meets the world’s ever-changing demand for experts in security, intelligence, threat analysis and management, technology and leadership.

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M.S. in Health Care Administration and Management, Cybersecurity Concentration

The concentration in cybersecurity prepares professionals with clinical or business backgrounds for the challenges of management in the rapidly changing field of health. The curriculum provides an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity threats, threat actors, cybersecurity risk management best practices, laws and regulations applicable to electronic health records, and techniques to build enterprise-wide cybersecurity awareness.

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Certificate in Cybersecurity and Health Care Administration

Our certificate in cybersecurity and health care administration covers health care and the increased risk of cybersecurity threats, cybersecurity risk management practices and digital health innovation. Coursework explores the laws and regulations pertaining to electronic health records and teaches the leadership, governance and expectations for health care cybersecurity.

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Certificate in Cybersecurity and Intelligence

As the need for cybersecurity specialists continues to escalate, our cybersecurity and intelligence certificate trains managers to lead in this rapidly-changing environment and bridge the communication gap between management and technicians.

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Certificate in Digital Forensics

Our digital forensics certificate introduces students to the fundamental principles and techniques of computer network architecture, proper evidence storage collection, and federal rules and criminal codes. Graduates understand how foreign, state-sponsored threat actors target certain institutions and companies and how to thwart those threats.

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Interdisciplinary Concentration in Cyber Resiliency

Our interdisciplinary concentration in cyber resiliency gives students enrolled in any undergraduate major the opportunity to gain proficiency in the fundamentals of a cyber education. Students take courses that blend technical, theoretical, philosophical, strategic and policy-based concepts into cutting-edge cyber security training.

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Our Faculty

Our cybersecurity faculty promote innovative thinking and research to face current issues revolving around technology, information security, the defense industry and cyber resiliency. This field changes and expands at an exponential rate, and our faculty create a rich academic environment that invites students to think outside the box to foster new solutions to significant everyday problems.

Meet Our Faculty

Digital Forensics Lab

Our digital forensics lab provides future cybersecurity and digital forensics professionals with the hands-on training they need to fill crucial jobs in this emergent field. Training offered through the lab also prepares students for the demanding industry-driven certifying examinations specific to the fields of cybersecurity and digital forensics.

Features include mobile forensics hardware and software along with FRED (Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device) machines, which allow students to image multiple hard drives at once. The lab operates separately from the University’s network, which is essential since the teaching environment includes simulating cyber issues as network, malware and key-logging attacks, virus inoculation and detection and more.

Salve Cybersecurity Club

Founded in 2016, the Cybersecurity Club raises awareness about cyber hygiene best practices across the Salve Regina community and provides a platform to dissect current cyber issues and recent incidents. The club advocates the intellectual growth of cybersecurity in each of its members and encourages them to participate in the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy's Rhode Island Corporate Cybersecurity Initiative series. The club recently began competing in national competitions like the National Cyber League.

Club members spent their 2017 spring break attending the International Consortium for Minority Cybersecurity Professionals national conference and observing the Atlantic Council's Cyber 9/12 Challenge in Washington, D.C. Members of the club have also attended big-name conferences such as DEF CON, Black Hat and B-Sides Boston.