Business Studies and Economics

The Department of Business Studies and Economics prepares students for careers in today's highly competitive global business environment. Our broad-based curriculum, accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education, explores the emerging global market and the competitive forces shaping the future of the U.S. and international business environments.

Building on the University’s liberal arts tradition and mercy mission, we offer a broad range of programs designed to develop critical and analytical thinking, ethical decision-making skills and understanding of personal accountability. Using a combination of academic and practical experience, our approachable faculty prepare students for a wide variety of opportunities in business as well as graduate study.



Our accounting programs prepare students to join one of the world’s most respected professions. Businesses, governments and nonprofits rely on accounting professionals to provide insight into business operations, lend credibility to financial reports, and comply with complex regulatory requirements. Coursework encourages students to become leaders and decision makers, using critical thinking skills to make rational, ethical decisions.

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Business Administration

Our business administration programs bring together a broad range of business studies courses that prepare students to launch their careers in the business world, run a business or seamlessly pursue a higher academic degree in the field, such as the MBA.

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Our economics programs provide the analytical and problem-solving skills necessary to investigate and critically evaluate economic conditions and trends. Through coursework and experiential learning, our graduates are well prepared for a wide variety of career opportunities in today’s highly competitive global business environment, as well as graduate study.

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Financial Management

Sound fiscal management is the foundation of success for businesses and financial institutions across every sector and in every corner of the world. Our multi-faceted financial management program provides students with the knowledge of fundamental management tools while focusing on developing critical thinking, analytical and interpersonal skills. 

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Global Business and Economics

The emerging global market and the future of international business are central issues to our global business and economics programs. Our broad-based curriculum and experiential learning opportunities have direct applications to the global environment, preparing students for a wide range of diverse opportunities in the international sector.

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Health Care Administration and Management

Our health care administration and management programs ensure that graduates have the business acumen to respond to changes in the health care industry, and also the broader understanding of global health, access to care, spread of disease and disease prevention.

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Our marketing curriculum blends creative and quantitative content, giving students the tools to develop marketing strategies that create, deliver and communicate value to consumers. Outside the classroom, internship opportunities and active student organizations allow students to enhance their marketing experience while providing beneficial services to the community.

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Mathematical Finance

Our minor in mathematical finance provides the skills required to pursue professional certifications in finance and serves as a quantitative foundation for a career in finance. Students pursuing the minor enhance their understanding of the investment side of finance, corporate treasury operations and risk management.

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Sports Management

Open to sports enthusiasts from any major, our minor in sports management provides a comprehensive overview of the many issues, challenges and practices found in the ever-growing sports industry. 

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