• 2016 Senior Projects

    Topics for this year's senior projects ranged from food poverty in the United Kingdom to gender inequality in Argentina.


  • Unmasking Stereotypes

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    Associate professors Sally Gomaa and Chad Raymond discuss their research on Middle Eastern stereotypes represented in literature that is commonly used at the college level.

Global Studies

The global studies program is an interdisciplinary major that offers capable and motivated students a unique academic program tailored to their creative and career interests.

We recognize that overcoming the most significant challenges facing the world today - such as climate change, resource scarcity, violent conflict and discrimination - requires the understanding of multiple perspectives and the integration of knowledge. To gain the skills needed to address these challenges, students in the global studies program draw on the expertise of faculty in a number of carefully selected fields.

Our program begins with an introduction to the methods used for discovering solutions to contemporary global problems and concludes with a directed research project or thesis. Faculty help students develop a coherent and balanced plan for learning that takes advantage of a range of traditional academic disciplines while still focusing on a specific historical, regional or thematic topic.

Our alumni have entered graduate degree programs in fields such as urban planning and global governance, become interpreters, served overseas in the Peace Corps, and worked in the U.S. Department of State.