Online Studies

The following master's degrees may be completed entirely online:

In addition, the health care administration and management and rehabilitation counseling programs offer some courses online.

Interactive Courses

Interactive courses are seven weeks long and have specific start and end dates. Students have the ability to interact and participate in discussions with classmates and faculty. Communication is asynchronous and there is no requirement for members of the class to be online at the same time. This interactive environment enriches course content, provides opportunity for discussion and encourages the exchange of ideas.

Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses blend classroom and online learning. Because much of the course content and some activities are moved online, the number of class meetings over the course of a term or semester is reduced. It is important to check the schedule of classes for start dates, as some courses begin online before meeting in the classroom while others have an initial class meeting and then continue online.

Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced courses can be started the first Monday of each month and students have four months to complete them. Courses are organized into three to five learning units, with one assignment per unit. Students determine when to submit their assignments, although one every three weeks is recommended. Students work with the textbook and online course materials to meet the learning objectives of the course. Assignments are submitted and returned electronically through the course assignment tool. Email and chat tools allow students to contact their instructor and interact with fellow students. Students are not permitted to audit self-paced courses.