M.S. in Health Care Administration and Management

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To earn the master's degree in health care administration and management, students take a minimum of 12 courses (36 credits).

Required courses:

  • HCA500: Research Methods
  • HCA501: Introduction to Health Care
  • HCA505: Health Care Marketing
  • HCA509: Human Resources Management
  • HCA519: Health Care Finance
  • HCA525: Ethics for Health Professionals
  • HCA528: Health Policy
  • HCA533: Health Law
  • HCA543: Public Health Administration
  • HCA547: Application of Health Care Management Theory
  • HCA570: Internship in Health Care Administration and Management

Students also take one elective course. Suggested courses include:

  • HCA540: Health Care and the Older Citizen
  • HCA581: Special Topics in Health Care Administration and Management
  • HCA591: Independent Study
  • HLC505: Interpersonal Helping Skills
  • HLC516: Group Process
  • MGT555: Organizational Transformation and Change
  • MGT567: Creative Problem-Solving

Students pursue internships in fields where they are likely to direct their future activities or where they may develop expertise in supplementary areas for policy or consulting. An elective course may be substituted for the internship if the program director determines that a student already possesses sufficient administrative experience.