• Cyber Aware

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    Acknowledging our increasingly connected world, Salve Regina’s faculty experts in cybersecurity discuss the implications and risks of the digital sphere.

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    The Department of Administration of Justice is spearheading the development of a campus-wide emergency readiness plan as part of a nationwide preparedness initiative.

Administration of Justice and Homeland Security

Our graduate program in administration of justice and homeland security endeavors to address the professional requirements of justice leaders and practitioners in an increasingly technological and global environment.

Courses are taught by seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. Students have the option to concentrate in leadership in justice, digital forensics or cybersecurity and intelligence, and coursework covers justice theory and process along with a range of contemporary issues such as racially based policing and psychological profiling.

We work one-on-one with students and draw on the resources of the University to meet their individual needs and goals - from law enforcement leadership to law school. For many students, we encourage internships at organizations like the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Rhode Island State Police that not only contribute to experiential learning, but also provide key networking opportunities that may open doors to future careers.

To meet the time demands of our working students, we offer classes at our Newport campus and online.

Have a quick question about our programs? Email graduate_studies@salve.edu.

Course Spotlight

Introduction to U.S. Intelligence Communication

Graduate Program in Administration of Justice and Homeland Security 

This course introduces students to the U.S. intelligence community, drawing distinctions between information and intelligence and in particular how they apply to the needs of policymakers. This course exposes the students to the evolving nature of intelligence and helps them to understand and appreciate the difficulties faced by analysts who must apply analytical methods to connect the dots while respecting cultural and political differences. Students also consider legal and...