Pell Center Faculty and Staff

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Dr James Ludes

Vice President for Public Research and Initiatives, Executive Director, Assistant Professor


(401) 341-2397

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Teresa Haas

Office and Events Manager

(401) 341-2371

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Erin Demers

Communications Assistant

(401) 341-7462

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G. Wayne Miller

Visiting Fellow and director, Story in the Public Square

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Dr Khalil Habib

Associate Professor, Director of the Pell Honors Program


(401) 341-3180

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Carolyn Deady

Fellow for Global Challenges

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Robert Hackey

Visiting Fellow

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Francesca Spidalieri

Senior Fellow for Cyber Leadership, Adjunct Faculty

MBA and Management

(401) 341-2193

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Dr Luigi Bradizza

Associate Professor, Chairman, Faculty Fellow

Political Science

(401) 341-3213

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Dr Michael Budd

Professor, Graduate Program Director, Faculty Fellow


(401) 341-3284

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Dr Jameson Chace

Associate Professor, Director of Faculty Development, Faculty Fellow

Biology and Biomedical Sciences

(401) 341-3204

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Dr Craig Condella

Associate Professor, Faculty Fellow


(401) 341-3126

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Dr Myra Edelstein

Associate Professor, Program Director, Program Coordinator, Faculty Fellow

Business Studies and Economics

(401) 341-3139

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Dr Robin Hoffmann

Professor, Class of 2018 Dean, Faculty Fellow

Administration of Justice

(401) 341-3277

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Dr William Leeman

Associate Professor, Faculty Fellow


(401) 341-3107

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Dr Jon Marcoux

Assistant Professor, Program Coordinator, Faculty Fellow

Cultural and Historic Preservation

(401) 341-2252

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Dr Timothy Neary

Associate Professor, Chairman, Program Coordinator, Faculty Fellow


(401) 341-3292

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Dr Arlene Nicholas

Associate Professor, Graduate Program Director, Faculty Fellow

Business Studies and Economics

(401) 341-3280

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Dr Sheila Quinn

Associate Professor, Chairwoman, Faculty Fellow


(401) 341-3104

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Dr Iskander Rehman's picture

Dr Iskander Rehman

Senior Fellow for International Relations

(401) 341-7439

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David Smith's picture

David Smith

Lecturer, Chairman, Graduate Program Director, Faculty Fellow

Administration of Justice

(401) 341-3210

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Susannah Strong

Assistant Professor, Faculty Fellow

Art and Art History

(401) 341-3229

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Kelly Bovio

Adjunct Fellow

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Ellen Giblin

Adjunct Fellow

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Paul McGreevy

Adjunct Fellow

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Craig Mullaney

Adjunct Fellow

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Bob Whitcomb

Adjunct Fellow

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Peter Zwack

Adjunct Fellow

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