Major in Chemistry (B.S.)

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To earn the bachelor’s degree in chemistry, students take a minimum of 21 courses (77-79 credits).

Required courses:

  • CHM113: General Chemistry I
  • CHM114: General Chemistry II
  • CHM205: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM206: Organic Chemistry II
  • CHM301: Analytical Chemistry
  • CHM305: Physical Chemistry I
  • CHM306: Physical Chemistry II
  • CHM309: Instrumental Analysis
  • CHM407: Advanced Organic Chemistry
  • CHM408: Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHM410: Topics in Chemistry and Research
  • CHM497: Undergraduate Research I
  • BCH403: Biochemistry
  • MTH201: Calculus I
  • MTH202: Calculus II
  • MTH203: Calculus III
  • PHY205: Principles of Physics I
  • PHY206: Principles of Physics II

Students also earn nine to 11 credits from the following electives:

  • BCH404: Advanced Biochemistry
  • BIO111: General Biology I
  • BIO112: General Biology II
  • BIO220: Cell Biology and Chemistry
  • CHM310: Environmental Chemistry
  • CHM498: Undergraduate Research II
  • MTH300: Linear Algebra
  • MTH301: Differential Equations
  • STA201: Statistical Methods