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Services and Support

Salve Regina provides a range of resources, services and support for victims of sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Generally, complainants who may have violated the University's alcohol or guest policies should not be afraid to report incidences of sexual misconduct or relationship violence, as they will not be sanctioned for those violations. The University is more concerned about addressing the report of sexual harassment or sexual violence than it is about addressing collateral policy violations.

Salve Regina strongly encourages students to speak with officials to make formal reports of an incident of sexual misconduct or relationship violence, but students should be aware that the confidentiality protections of these resources vary.

On-Campus Resources

Confidential resources

Generally not required to report personally identifiable student information or incident details. Will provide the Title IX coordinator with a limited report (nature, date, time and general location of the incident, if known).

Counseling Services
(401) 341-2919
Miley Hall garden level

Health Services
(401) 341-2904
Miley Hall garden level

University Chaplain
(401) 341-2368
Our Lady of Mercy Chapel

Lauren Woitowicz
Law enforcement advocate, Day One
(401) 845-5732

Other resources

These resources, as well as all University employees who are not confidential resources as described in these policies, are mandated reporters of sexual harassment and sexual violence and are obligated to report any incidents to a Title IX coordinator or the Office of Safety and Security.

Emily Diomandes
Title IX coordinator for students
(401) 341-2640
Miley Hall, Room 013

Nancy Escher
Deputy Title IX coordinator for employees
(401) 341-2157
Walgreen Hall administrative wing

Office of Safety and Security
(401) 341-2325
Tobin Hall

Office of the Dean of Students
(401) 341-2145
Miley Hall, Room 118

Office of Residence Life
(401) 341-2210
Walgreen Hall administrative wing