Alumni Spotlight

Jeanette Scinto '14

Nursing major Jeanette Scinto '14 recently joined American Health Research as a clinical research coordinator.

Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, American Health Research primarily focuses on pharmaceutical trials related to asthma and chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD). As a clinical research coordinator, Scinto recruits patients for upcoming trials, facilitates patient visits and ensures the accuracy of documentation and data collected throughout the trial.

Scinto says it has been an honor getting to know and work with her patients. "These investigational products can change a person's quality of life drastically, and to be able to witness the change firsthand is a true blessing," she said.

In 2015, Scinto completed a 10-month term of service in the FEMA Corps, a division of the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps that is solely devoted to emergency management. FEMA Corps members travel to disaster-affected communities and support longer-term recovery or preparedness operations across the country.

During her time in FEMA Corps, Scinto and her team traveled to Colorado, Mississippi and Utah for training in emergency situations. She was able to apply her knowledge during the spring 2015 flooding in Austin, Texas, assisting with the congressional affairs unit.

"There are so many places to see (locally, nationally and internationally) and people to meet, so why not leave a place a little better, a little happier or a little less tragic than the way you found it?" Scinto said of her decision to serve in FEMA Corps.

At Salve Regina, Scinto was involved in the Student Nurse Organization, Flying Kites and SRU Dance. She also traveled to Ireland as part of the department's service learning program. "I always knew that I loved to travel and I always knew that I loved helping others; however, my time in Ireland really showed me that I could combine the two to create an experience of a lifetime," Scinto said.

By Matthew Levine '17

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