Alumni Spotlight

Sean Reid '02

Language arts teacher, Auburn Middle School

Sean Reid '02 charged out of graduation with an English communication degree in hand, fully ready to tackle the journalism world. While he had no trouble finding publications interested in his skills, something that started as a playful joke eventually changed Reid's career forever.

Reid wasn't supposed to end up in the classroom. "I remember thinking I never wanted to be a teacher," he said.

After graduation, Reid completed a summer internship for the Newport Daily News before taking a reporting job in Lake Worth, Fla. He returned to New England in 2003, where he had a nine-month stint as a weekly reporter in Auburn, Mass., then spent the next three years covering Sturbridge, Mass., for the Southbridge Evening News.

A 2007 encounter with one of his contacts, a principal at Tanatasqua Regional High School, saw Reid's life change in an instant. Amidst the conversation, he joked that he was "going to join the education field so I would have summers off." Turns out, the school was in need of a long-term substitute, and the principal asked if Reid was interested. Almost instantly, his career and life were flipped upside down.

Today Reid is a language arts teacher at Auburn Middle School in Massachusetts. He finds joy in the impact he has on his students every day. "The best part of my job is making a difference in kids' lives," Reid said. "I've learned to wear many hats in the classroom - instructor, parent, mediator, disciplinarian, comforter - some of which I've learned on the fly."

Reid is drawn to the ever-changing dynamic of the position. "My lessons may change slightly or significantly depending on the day," he explained. "It's just the nature of the beast."

Beyond teaching in the classroom, Reid has tried to become an active member of the school community. He coached the boys' basketball team for two years and started an after-school running club for students. He even has returned to his journalism roots, taking on the role of the school's newspaper advisor.

Reid never thought that he would have a job outside of journalism, let alone a whole career. But he says his degree gave him that professional flexibility. Reid feels that it is important to have an open mind with any potential career, and to "never say never."

By Michael McDonald '13

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