Sept. 3 - To the Salve Regina community: Positive case of COVID-19

A member of the Salve Regina campus community has tested positive for COVID-19. As this is the first positive case on campus, all members of the University community are being notified. Hereafter, the number of additional positive cases will be documented through a dashboard on the Back to Salve website, which will be updated as necessary. To date, Salve Regina has tested more than 1,000 members of the University community and our current rate of positive tests is 0.001.

The University has instructed the individual to self-isolate and is implementing appropriate response protocols in accordance with the Rhode Island Department of Health. To protect the individual’s privacy, Salve Regina is not releasing the identity of the individual. Anyone who has come into close contact with the infected person is being notified and advised on the appropriate response protocol.

All students are being tested upon their return to campus this fall through the University’s partnership with the Broad Institute, with results made available within 24-48 hours. Any students who test positive and isolate in designated campus housing will have food delivered on a regular basis and will be provided with basic supportive medicines. Additionally, any student under quarantine or convalescing anywhere will be able to access their courses remotely in real-time or on demand.

Salve Regina reminds everyone about the importance of continuing to practice social distancing, to frequently wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available, and to wear face coverings at all times when in public. For more information, please refer to the Back to Salve website or review resources available through the Rhode Island Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control.