Sept. 25 - To the Salve Regina community: Fall and Thanksgiving breaks

Dear Salve Regina community,

I want to thank you for how well you have handled these first few weeks of the semester. There have been challenges along the way, but once again our community has shown what we can do when we work together for the betterment of all. I am filled with gratitude when I think of the sacrifices that have been made to keep us all safe and strong during this unprecedented time.

Many of you have expressed concern about fall break, Thanksgiving break and the rest of the semester. During our town hall meetings this summer, I mentioned that we would closely monitor our data and would have a better assessment of how to address these events as they drew closer.

Fall Break

I ask you to carefully weigh your decisions to travel during fall break. We strongly encourage you to delay any non-essential travel, particularly to areas with high rates of coronavirus infections. Although travel advisories change frequently, Rhode Island is currently on the restricted list for several states, largely due to outbreaks in college communities.

We have seen few positive cases thanks to the care and attention of our community, but it only takes one person to ignore our protocols and an outbreak can occur. The more that we contain our interactions, the safer we will remain. Keep your roommates, colleagues, friends and family in mind when making your decisions to travel. How will your actions ultimately impact them?

Our residence halls will remain open during fall break and we will offer plenty of activities to keep students occupied. In addition, Aquidneck Island is brimming with seasonal activities that have been modified for safety. It is a great time to catch up on well-deserved rest and to enjoy the beautiful outdoors close to campus.

Thanksgiving Break

Residence halls will remain open during Thanksgiving break to accommodate students who do not wish to travel or are unable to travel for a variety of reasons. If you plan to travel, be sure to check the latest guidelines both in Rhode Island and in the state to which you plan to travel. Remember that travel advisories fluctuate on a daily basis and quarantine rules will apply upon return if applicable.

We are also offering students the option to remain at their permanent residence after Thanksgiving and shift to remote status for the remainder of the semester beginning Nov. 30. It is important to mention that Salve Regina is not closing after Thanksgiving and is not mandating that all students stay home. Our academic schedule will remain the same, but this remote option will provide greater flexibility during a time of uncertainty and in preparation for the holidays. To help you make a decision that is best for you and your family, we’ve included some frequently asked questions below.

If you would like to shift to remote status after Thanksgiving, please complete this form by Friday, Oct. 30.

As we head into October, I remain convinced that Salve Regina will become a model for how to navigate a pandemic with grace and that we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to the common good. Let us remain vigilant and take care of one another as we progress through the semester.

Thank you for all you are doing to keep one another safe. #Salvesgotthis

Kelli J. Armstrong, Ph.D.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I choose to travel during fall or Thanksgiving break, can I be tested when I return to campus?
Salve Regina is not offering testing as an on-demand service at this time. If you would like to be tested for your own purposes, you will need to schedule one at a local testing site. To learn more and find testing sites, visit the Rhode Island Department of Health website.

If I travel to a state included in Rhode Island’s travel advisory, do I need to quarantine when I return?
Quarantine rules will apply if you travel to a state included in Rhode Island’s travel advisory. Please note that the University cannot support post-travel quarantines in our residence halls. If you travel to a hotspot state, you should plan to quarantine off campus at your expense and attend classes remotely for 14 days.

If I shift to remote status after Thanksgiving, can I return to campus?
Any student who chooses the remote option, including off-campus students who remain in Newport, should not return to campus for athletics, services or programming, as we will need to carefully monitor the students who remain on campus in order to maintain a safe environment through the end of the semester.

If I shift to remote status, will I receive a room and board reimbursement?
Resident students who choose the remote option will not receive room and board reimbursements as the campus will remain open.

If I have an off-campus placement, can I shift to remote status?
Programs for students with off-campus placements (such as nursing clinicals or student teaching) will continue throughout the semester, so these students may not be able to take advantage of the remote option at this time. Students in these placements will need to confirm their eligibility for remote learning with their faculty instructors.