Sept. 18 - To the Salve Regina community: Keeping our commitments

Dear Salve Regina students,

Hello everyone! I hope this message finds you well and getting into the groove of the semester. While I understand that things feel different, I hope that you are finding ways to connect with one another, develop new relationships and have some fun.

You may have seen what is occurring at other institutions such as Providence College. Some have suspended students, some have moved back to remote learning, and others have had to quarantine large numbers of students. We do not want those outcomes at Salve Regina. We all want our lives to return to normal, but we will get there much faster if we keep our commitments.

  • Wear your mask in all public settings and when you are with others in private. Wearing your mask and keeping appropriate social distance continues to be our best defense against the spread of COVID-19.
  • Maintain groups of 15 or fewer. Newport police will be vigilant in their enforcement of this requirement. They will report any violations to the Dean of Students Office, and we will hold students accountable immediately.
  • If you live on campus, remember that your room occupancy is limited to double the room residency.
  • Do not visit friends at other schools and do not travel unless absolutely necessary. Travel heightens your risk of exposure and, by extension, the spread of disease on campus. If we have widespread cases on campus, we may be forced to return to remote learning. None of us want that option.
  • Remember the Salve Pledge. We all signed the pledge as a statement of our commitment to the campus community. Each of us plays an important role in having a successful semester at Salve Regina. Revisit your pledge and recommit to the things that will make a difference.
  • Complete your Salve-Health screening survey daily. If you intend to be on campus, you must complete the survey before leaving your residence. Even if you are not coming to campus, we need you to complete the survey for potential tracking purposes.
  • Be sure to check out the campus calendar of events. There are lots of great programs you can attend.

Many of you are doing well, but I continue to receive reports of students not upholding the policies. I understand this is still relatively new to all of us. Maintaining six feet between one another is not natural, but we must always be aware of our distance. Wearing your mask below your nose feels better, but the science is clear that we get the same amount of air when we properly wear our masks.

Look out for one another and for the greater community. If someone is standing too close, take a step back. If you see someone not wearing their mask or not wearing it correctly, respectfully remind them. We’re all counting on each other. #Salvesgotthis!

J. Malcolm Smith
Vice president for student affairs