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With Rhode Island’s rich history of navigators, revolutionaries and pioneers, it’s no wonder that Salve Regina University is hardwired to look onward, chart a daring course and then get there.

At Salve, you will have the freedom to explore and expand your greatest possibilities, learn about yourself in bold new ways and discover that your potential has no limits.


Salve students learn by doing, and Sydnee Odei-Ntiri especially loves the hands-on aspect of her classes in cultural and historic preservation. “We restored a mosaic floor in one of the residence halls on campus, and there’s such a sense of pride when you see what you can do working together.”


Henry Nickerson has embraced new experiences at Salve – joining the student newspaper, playing in a band and starting his own improv troupe. “At a smaller school like Salve, everything is so much more accessible than it might be at a larger place. It’s just easier to get involved.”


Tim Mentor was afraid of being lost and overwhelmed at a larger institution, so he searched for a campus community where he could stand out. “Once I got to Salve, I knew I could be really successful here. People say Salve is what you make of it, and I’ve taken that to heart.”


During a semester abroad in Ireland, Michaela McMahon won an open competition to tell the story behind Dublin’s popular statue of folk hero Molly Malone. “I would not have been able to write the monologue the way I did without the unique outlook that my studies have afforded me.”


During his first semester on campus, Andrew Siaba leaned on the resources provided by his First Year Transitions class. “What I learned changed my entire experience. Every person I met was so supportive. I felt like I was part of the community, and that everyone wanted me to succeed.”


Salve’s equestrian team welcomes riders of all levels, and Katie Brown was surprised that she could join without any prior experience. “We have really good riders on the team and those who have never ridden before. It’s a great atmosphere – we’re a family, and we all look after each other.”


Working with impoverished women and children of color has inspired Toyosi Akanji to become an advocate for marginalized people. “One thing Salve has shown me is that you don’t have to be exceptional to make an impact. I can use whatever talents God has given me to help those in need.”

What you seek is here.

Countless academic experiences, faculty who intrigue and inspire, a story-filled coastline, and a mercy tradition immersed in the tenets of social justice. Salve Regina University is a vibrant community of courageous learners, strong in its liberal arts approach and hungry for meaningful exploration.

From our whimsical 19th-century mansions, cliffside classrooms and stunningly landscaped grounds to the adventure and diversity of Newport, there is an endless opportunity to risk, to discover and to engage.

Roam down maritime pathways and taste the salted air. Collaborate with your professors in world-shaping research and with your peers in one of our nearly 70 student organizations. Search the horizon, follow your ambition and find your purpose. Suddenly your next steps are not so unclear. Join us in an empowering pursuit of unrestrained learning and imagination. 

Because your potential is your greatest asset. Let’s go.

My academic experience at Salve has been very enriching. Not only are the courses well structured, but the faculty teaching them have a genuine passion for their field. The small class sizes allow for plenty of one-on-one time, and my business professors use their experiences from working in the real world to teach us practical, applicable skills.”

Mohammed Meraay
Marketing major, business administration minor