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Campus Shuttle System

Salve Regina provides regularly scheduled shuttle service to and from designated stops on and off campus via the campus shuttle system. Stops are conveniently located near residence halls, academic buildings and other University facilities as well as off-campus locations throughout Newport.

Salve Regina IDs are required to board all shuttles and a maximum of two guests per student is allowed. Guests must be accompanied by a Salve Regina student at any given time.

SmartTraxx App

Students can track the shuttles and find shuttle stops through the "SmartTraxx" app, which features a real-time map that displays shuttle locations, estimated arrival times and an alerts and messaging center to relay important service information from the University.

The SmartTraxx app is accessible via smartphones, tablets and desktop computers and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app, scroll through the list of schools and choose Salve Regina. You will then be able to view the routes on a single page.

Shuttle Routes

Shuttles operate on a designated loop and will not deviate from their route at any time. Shuttles are not permitted to pick up or drop off at any location other than the designated stops.

On-Campus Route and Locations

  • Ochre Point Avenue/Webster Street (Miley Hall)
  • Rodgers Recreation Center
  • Lawrence/Leroy avenues (Antone Academic Center)
  • Lawrence/Shepard avenues (Reynolds Field)
  • Lawrence/Ruggles avenues (Nethercliffe/Founders Hall)
  • Ruggles Avenue (Stoneacre)
  • Shepard Avenue (William Watts Sherman House)
  • Shepard/Ochre Point avenues (Reefe Hall)
  • Ochre Point/Leroy avenues (Our Lady of Mercy Chapel)
  • Ochre Point Avenue/Webster Street (Ochre Court)

Off-Campus Route and Locations

  • Bellevue Avenue/East Bowery Street (Stop & Shop)
  • West Marlborough/Thames streets (Mudville Pub)
  • Thames/Mary streets (Brick Market Place)
  • America’s Cup Avenue/Thames Street (Red Parrot Restaurant)
  • 28 Gammell Road/Conley Hall (as needed)
  • Bellevue Avenue/CVS (opposite the Tennis Hall of Fame)
  • Narragansett Avenue/Annandale Road (Walgreen Hall driveway)