New Students

Salve Regina places great value on the contributions a quality residential experience can make to a student's development. Experience has shown that campus residency during a student's college career is crucial to personal growth and the refinement of social skills. As a result, the University has implemented a three-year housing requirement. First-year, sophomore and junior students who are not commuting to campus from their family home are guaranteed housing and are required to live on campus.

Room Assignments

For first-year students, the room assignment process begins with an online housing application, which provides the Office of Residence Life with the information necessary to assign students a roommate and residence hall room.

Housing applications are available through MyHousing, which is located in the portal, through July 1. After July 1, room and roommate requests are processed. Please note that roommate requests are only granted when all students requesting roommates have indicated the option on their respective applications.

In mid-July, first-year students receive notification through their Salve Regina email address that their room assignment and roommate information is available through MyHousing.

First Year Housing

Our first-year residence halls offer three styles of living, all of which promote an inclusive and welcoming transition to life on campus.

Miley Hall

Housing students on three floors, Miley Hall consists of doubles and quints and is co-ed by floor. Each wing has a community bathroom that is shared by residents. Miley also houses the cafeteria, bookstore, Health Services and Counseling Services.

Walgreen Hall

Walgreen Hall consists of suite-style living, with each suite housing eight to 11 students. Within the suites, rooms consist of doubles, triples, quads and quints. Each suite has a private bathroom, and the building is co-ed by suite.

Hunt and Reefe Halls

Co-ed by room, Hunt Hall and Reefe Hall consist of triples, quads and quints. While room dimensions vary, each room has a private bathroom, which residents are responsible for cleaning. Laundry is located on the first floor of each building.