Program Phases

Students progress through the doctoral program in three phases: the proficiency phase, which ends with the concentration paper and language translation examination; the qualifying phase, which leads to doctoral candidacy; and the dissertation phase, which culminates in an oral defense of the completed thesis.

Proficiency Phase

In the proficiency phase, students:

  • Complete any required prerequisites.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in translating a second language.
  • Take core courses that explore the effects of advanced technology on modern society.

Qualifying Phase

In the qualifying phase, students:

  • Choose a concentration from a variety of program areas to support the dissertation topic and integrate earlier graduate work, life experiencs and professional expertise or interests.
  • Take courses in the concentration and advanced courses in the doctoral core that deepen their understanding, help define potential dissertation topics and specify research approaches.
  • Take the doctoral exams.

Dissertation Phase

In the dissertation phase, students:

  • Enroll in HUM680: Dissertation Research and Writing each fall and spring until all degree requirements are completed.
  • Prepare their dissertation research proposal.
  • Research and write a dissertation.
  • Successfully defend their dissertation.

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