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The Pell Center attracts prominent speakers and convenes community conversations on important issues, and our fellows serve as ambassadors to a global audience. Our research spans from the domestic to the international, and we work with our colleagues on campus to provide our students a distinctive educational experience, including the Nuala Pell Leadership Program.

Cyber Leadership

We live in an age of persistent cyber threat, where the online worlds of governance, commerce and socializing expose our most personal information to risk of theft, diversion and criminal use. One needs to scan the news only occasionally to begin to appreciate the magnitude of the challenge. The Pell Center has responded with research, thought-leadership and community engagement.

Our research seeks to identify and investigate key issues in leadership development across society and evaluate states and organizations' cyber preparedness levels. In addition, our research recommends improvements so that the United States, as a society, is better prepared and more resilient to cyber threats.

As part of our cyber leadership project, senior business leaders and government officials in Rhode Island and beyond are invited to attend the Rhode Island Corporate Cybersecurity Initiative (RICCI) event series and to engage in cybersecurity awareness and resilience training. Salve Regina students interested in cybersecurity-related programs are also encouraged to attend RICCI seminars and explore these topics outside a classroom setting.

Story in the Public Square

The most effective argument in public life is a story: it conveys emotion, intent, imagination and vision. Stories, better than cold facts, promote action. Launched in 2013, Story in the Public Square is an effort to study, celebrate and tell stories that matter. The initiative is now a television and radio program available in Rhode Island and nationally on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel.

The program also awards the Pell Center Prize for Story in the Public Square each year to a storyteller whose body of work has shaped public understanding. Throughout the year, research and events help inform the project and our broader community about the power of storytelling in public life.

International Relations

Global and domestics changes in attitudes, economics and politics are recasting the international order created after World War II. Our scholars are reacting to these shifts, studying their impact on international relations, and helping to chart a path for the United States to follow in pursuit of peace and stability. Ongoing projects on the Asian maritime order, Franco-U.S. relations and the threats to western liberalism are of prime concern.