Oct. 27 - To the Salve Regina community: Reminder: Share your Thanksgiving plans

Dear students and families,

A reminder to please share your plans for Thanksgiving with us no later than Friday, Oct. 30. While we recognize that the coronavirus pandemic continues to be fluid in nature, having this information early will allow for the University to plan properly not only for staffing and resources for those on campus during the break, but also to accommodate any changes needed based on such fluidity.

Today's update will address some key points to help those of you still considering which option is best to protect your own well being and that of others. We know this is a difficult decision and we appreciate your cooperation.

Option 1

Students can opt to stay on campus during Thanksgiving break and not travel. This means that students will be staying the entire break on campus – not leaving Wednesday or Thursday and returning Friday or Saturday. Dining options and activities will be available during the holiday and break period. Students choosing to remain on campus during Thanksgiving must notify the University through the link in My Housing by Friday, Oct. 30.

Option 2

Students can opt to travel over Thanksgiving and return to their residence hall on Sunday, Nov. 29. Building access for students choosing this option will be restricted from 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24 through noon Sunday, Nov. 29. Students choosing to travel during Thanksgiving and return Sunday, Nov. 29 need to notify the University through the link in My Housing by Friday, Oct. 30.

Students choosing this option are subject to the travel guidelines of their home state. 

  • If you are traveling to a state on Rhode Island's travel advisory, you will need to quarantine off campus at your own expense upon return. If your state is added to the travel advisory just prior to or during the break, you may change your option to remote learning (option 3). Be sure to take your course materials home with you. Resident students will also need to notify Residence Life at residencelife@salve.edu.
  • If Rhode Island is included in the travel advisory for the state you are traveling to, you are responsible for knowing that state's guidelines and for your own testing prior to arrival in that state. Salve Regina cannot accommodate testing on demand at this time. A list of available testing sights may be found here.

Option 3

Students can opt to go remote after Thanksgiving through the end of the semester. This option means that students cannot travel back to campus/Newport after the Thanksgiving break. Given that the University remains open and classes are in session, we are unable to offer room and board reimbursements for time off campus. This option is a personal choice for students and families based on what works best for them. The deadline for this option is Friday, Oct. 30. Students choosing this option can notify the University via this form.

Resident students: If you do not choose one of the options above by the Oct. 30 deadline, you will have building access shut off during Thanksgiving break.

Commuter students: You are not required to select any of the options listed above, but are welcome to choose option 3 if that works best for you and your family.

Thank you again for helping us to navigate these challenging times.