Oct. 22 - To the Salve Regina Community: Options for Thanksgiving break

Dear students and families,

At Salve Regina, we are doing our best to keep you and your families safe during these unpredictable times. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, we have been concerned about the rise in positive cases seen shortly after fall break and would like to avoid any unnecessary exposure for our community. We know that you are looking forward to this holiday, but rely on you to make good decisions to protect your own well-being and that of others. We've created the following options and ask that you share your plans with us no later than Friday, Oct. 30.

Option 1

Students can opt to stay on campus during the Thanksgiving break and not travel. This means that students will be staying the entire break on campus – not leaving Wednesday or Thursday and returning Friday or Saturday. Dining options and activities will be available during the holiday and break period. Students choosing to remain on campus during Thanksgiving must notify the University through the link in My Housing by Friday, Oct. 30.

Option 2

Students can opt to travel over Thanksgiving and return to their residence hall on Sunday, Nov. 29. Building access for students choosing this option will be restricted from 8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 24 through noon Sunday, Nov. 29. Students choosing this option are subject to the travel guidelines of their home state and, if traveling to a state on Rhode Island's travel advisory, will need to quarantine off campus at their own expense upon return. If you are planning to visit a state on Rhode Island's travel advisory, option 3 (below) may make more sense for you. Students choosing to travel during Thanksgiving and return Sunday, Nov. 29 need to notify the University through the link in My Housing by Friday, Oct. 30.

Option 3

Students can opt to go remote after Thanksgiving through the end of the semester. This option means that students cannot travel back to campus/Newport after the Thanksgiving break. Given that the University remains open and classes are in session, we are unable to offer room and board reimbursements for time off campus. This option is a personal choice for students and families based on what works best for them. The deadline for this option is Friday, Oct. 30. Students choosing this option can notify the University via this form.

Resident students who do not choose one of the options above by the Oct. 30 deadline will have building access shut off during the Thanksgiving break period.

Off-campus housing will be monitored during the break period to ensure compliance with current protocols. We strongly urge our off-campus students to make healthy decisions regarding travel and socializing over Thanksgiving.

We know that these choices may be difficult to make. We are grateful for your careful consideration regarding what is best for you, your family and our University community.