Oct. 17 - To the Salve Regina community: Temporary quarantine in Miley Hall

Dear Salve Regina community,

Out of an abundance of caution, the University is temporarily quarantining a wing of the third floor of Miley Hall due to potential exposure to the coronavirus. The University is currently in the process of testing all students who may have been exposed, and these students will quarantine until it is determined they are no longer at risk either through negative test results or the recommended 14-day period depending on level of exposure.

As indicated previously, it is important to remain diligent regarding mask-wearing, hand-washing, social distancing and cleaning surface areas around you. Do not travel in cars in small groups without face masks and do not congregate without following proper safety protocols.

It is also important to note that several recent exposures or potential exposures involving members of the Salve Regina community can be directly tied to individuals at other academic institutions with known outbreaks. This is why the University asked for limited travel and visitation over fall break, and why we are asking again for everyone to remain diligent with regards to keeping our campus safe.

We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available or through our standard weekly update schedule on Tuesday afternoon.