Nov. 3 - To students: Keep your classmates and community safe

Dear Salve Regina students,

Thank you for following our guidelines last weekend. Newport officials reported excellent compliance with the new social gathering limit of 10 people, and we appreciate your efforts to keep your classmates and community safe.

As you may remember, over the summer we asked undergraduate students to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to campus for the fall semester. Your cooperation undoubtedly contributed to the low case counts we saw in the early weeks of the semester.

We will not ask you to self-quarantine prior to traveling for Thanksgiving, but we are asking you to carefully consider your actions and interactions over the next few weeks. Continue to attend classes, eat in the dining hall and attend structured events and programs on campus, but avoid the three I’s – events that are informal, indoors and with inconsistent groups – where the spread of the virus is most prevalent.

Also remember the three W’s: 

  • Wear your mask whenever you may have contact with another individual.
  • Wash your hands often, especially before handling food or touching your face.
  • Watch your distance by remaining six feet away from people whenever physically possible. 

While you are traveling: 

  • Minimize your stops.
  • Delay your travel plans if you’re feeling sick.
  • Practice safety measures such as mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing.

These efforts are not only critical to keeping your family and hometown communities safe – they are essential to avoiding a spike in cases on campus after the holiday.

Thanksgiving Break

Undergraduate students who wish to go remote after Thanksgiving should notify the University via this form as soon as possible. Students who choose this option cannot travel back to campus/Newport after the Thanksgiving break.

Resident students have two additional options: Remain on campus for Thanksgiving break and do not travel, or travel over Thanksgiving break and return to campus Sunday, Nov. 29. Dining options and activities will be available throughout the break period. Resident students should indicate their choice using the form in My Housing as soon as possible. Students who do not respond will have building access shut off during Thanksgiving break.

Remember, if you are traveling to a state on Rhode Island's travel advisory, you will need to quarantine off campus at your own expense upon return. If Rhode Island is included in the travel advisory for the state you are traveling to, you are responsible for knowing that state's guidelines and for your own testing prior to arrival in that state.

Symptomatic Testing

All undergraduate students who are experiencing possible symptoms of COVID-19 are strongly encouraged to utilize Salve Regina’s free testing program so that the University can provide resources and track data.

Undergraduate students who are symptomatic should make an appointment for evaluation and testing as soon as possible. During business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday), call Health Services at (401) 341-2904. Outside of business hours and on weekends, call the Office of Safety and Security at (401) 341-2325. Graduate students and employees who are symptomatic and want to be tested should contact their primary health care provider or a local clinic.

Members of the Salve Regina community who are confirmed positive outside of the University’s testing program are asked to provide notification to so that contact identification can be implemented immediately.