Feb. 2 - To the Salve Regina community: Boosters required by March 1

Dear Salve Regina community,

As you know, the University will require a COVID-19 booster for all vaccinated students, faculty and staff by March 1. Approved medical and religious exemptions will remain in effect.

Even if you are fully vaccinated, your protection against COVID-19 decreases over time. However, research clearly shows that boosters increase the immune response and prevent severe disease from COVID-19. As a result, you are strongly encouraged to receive your booster and upload your booster record well in advance of the March 1 deadline.

If You Don’t Get Boosted

Beginning March 1, students and employees who have not received a booster will adhere to the following measures in accordance with CDC guidance: 

  • If you are identified as a close contact, you will be required to quarantine for 5 days and get tested on day 4. After 5 days, you will be required to wear a mask around others and get your meals to-go for 5 additional days.
  • If the University's mask mandate is lifted, you will still be required to wear a mask whenever you are in public spaces on campus, including (but not limited to) classrooms, offices and athletic facilities.

These protocols are subject to change at any time in accordance with CDC and Rhode Island Department of Health guidelines.

Booster Clinics

Booster and flu vaccine clinics for all students and employees will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 3 and Thursday, Feb. 24 in the Miley Hall executive dining room. Both Pfizer and Moderna boosters will be available. Please bring your Salve Regina ID, insurance card and vaccine card. No appointment is needed.

Submit Your Booster Record

  • Undergraduate students, along with graduate students who are taking in-person classes, should submit their booster record through the student health portal. In the "My Forms" menu at the top of the page, select and complete the "COVID booster form."
  • Faculty and staff may submit their booster record securely and confidentially via the employee submission form. No other medical information should be provided. 

I won't be eligible for a booster by March 1. What should I do?
You are eligible for a booster if you completed the Pfizer or Moderna primary series more than five months ago or received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine more than two months ago. Students who won't be eligible for a booster by March 1 should contact Health Services at (401) 341-2904 or healthservices@salve.edu. Employees should contact Human Resources at (401) 341-2137 or humanresources@salve.edu.

I've already had COVID-19. Do I still need a booster?
You are required to receive the booster even if you already tested positive for COVID-19. While having COVID-19 offers some natural immunity, the level of protection may vary depending on how mild or severe your illness was and the time since your infection.

I recently tested positive for COVID-19. When can I get a booster?
You are eligible to receive a booster 10 days after you became symptomatic and/or tested positive for COVID-19.