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Senior Amanda Dacyczyn has book published on Amazon

NEWPORT, R.I. – Amanda Dacyczyn of South Deerfield, Mass., a senior majoring in secondary education and history at Salve Regina University, has had her work of historical fiction, “God Save the Queen” – a book she’s been writing since 10th grade – published on Amazon for the Kindle e-reader.

Available initially as a free e-book that received about 1,400 downloads in its first four days online, “God Save the Queen” is currently available to download for $3.99.

“It’s pretty surreal,” Dacyczyn says of being published. “I actually never liked to tell people about the book; I just kept it to myself. I didn’t want it to be ridiculed. However, a lot of my friends had read it and told me I had to do something with it. So now that it’s out there, I am very happy with the response I have gotten. It just makes me feel like I have accomplished something and I am very proud of my work.”

Dacyczyn says she started writing it as a high school sophomore because she wasn’t happy with many of the books she saw out in the marketplace.

“It was one of the best feelings that I ever had. I loved creating characters and knowing the endings before anyone else did,” she says. “After I finished it, I had a few of my high school teachers look it over, and then finally my freshman year of college I sent it to an editor. Once I did that that, I knew that I had to get it published. This thing was my baby, yes, but it needed to get out of the house. So I saw the opportunity for Amazon and I took it.”
The book tells the story of Anya Alexandrova, an orphan since age 5 who learns one October day during her senior year of high school that she is the long lost relative of the infamous Russian imperialist Romanov family. Now she is expected to uproot herself from her small New England town and move into the grandeur of the palaces in Russia. To top it all off, she is paired with a group of professionals who cannot comprehend what she is going through, including her personal adviser, Kevin, who makes the move as bad as pulling teeth.

As she readjusts to her new life, Anya realizes that being a future queen is not as easy as the movies make it out to be. Not only does she have to be presentable and pass legislation, Anya has to deal with friends, family, understanding who she is and, of course, love.

But as she begins to feel comfortable in her home, Anya realizes that there are some who do not want her to be there. Suddenly in constant danger, she finds herself trapped in situations that leave her begging for her life.

“Writing is always something I have done to let off steam,” Dacyczyn says. “I never really thought of doing it professionally. So right now, I’m going to continue to go in the direction of teaching, but who knows? All I do know is that if my mind keeps coming up with all these ideas, I’m going to write them down.”

She’s got many ideas for books, including a New England-based series she’s eager to get started that could feature a Gilded Age Newport prequel. With her academic responsibilities in full swing at Salve Regina, Dacyczyn says it’s been difficult to find time to just sit down and write.

“And that’s ok,” she says. “I’ve just got to take it one step at a time.”