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Michelle Kwan to 2015 grads: 'There are bound to be falls ahead ... the true test is how we recover'

Following are excerpts from the commencement address by champion figure skater Michelle Kwan during this morning’s ceremony at Salve Regina:

“I had so many life lessons that I learned from sports. Things like hard work, dedication, perseverance, falling – in front of millions of people – and having to pick yourself back up to keep going. These are tools that you need to succeed in life. So, as you chart off, in this new direction, this new journey, know that you are armed with a set of tools from Salve that can be helpful wherever you go. You’re well-equipped to take on any challenges that come your way.

“In every great thing that we try, there are bound to be disappointments ahead. The first lesson they teach you in figure skating is how to fall because they know that there are bound to be disappointments and falls up ahead. I fell when I started skating at 5, still fell when I was five-time world champion. But the true test is how we recover. I think we can all be that kind of person, taking our fair share of tumbles and falls, but rising with grace and finishing what we began.

“To me, that is what grit means. We can all have that indomitable spirit where we dream big, persevere through adversity and also continue to chase after what we want in life.”