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EMT Club’s mock drunk driving crash to send sober message at start of Spring Week

Salve Regina’s EMT Club will kick off “Spring Week” at Salve Regina next week with a stark reminder about the dangers of drunk driving.

In partnership with the Newport Fire Department, Newport Police Department, the university’s Office of Safety and Security, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a mock drunk driving crash will be staged in the middle of campus on Tuesday, April 21 at 12:15 p.m. The crash scene will be located on the front lawn of O’Hare Academic Center on Ochre Point Avenue.

With the support of RI Towing, participants will simulate the emergency response to an alcohol related single vehicle crash with victims, using a vehicle that has previously been involved in a crash. The Newport Fire Department will be responding with an engine, ladder truck, rescue, and command vehicle.

Fire personnel will be extricating actors, who will be playing victims inside the vehicle, and treating their simulated injuries. Additionally, Newport Police will simulate the law enforcement interventions associated with an intoxicated driver, complete with arrest.

Salve Regina’s office of safety and security will be assisting with the organization and control of observers and personnel. MADD will be providing educational resources for observers about the dangers of drunk driving and the effects of alcohol. The event is scheduled to last no more than one hour.

“Our objective for this event is to educate students and staff on the dangers of driving under the influence and distracted driving,” said Michael Caruolo, Salve’s director of Safety and Security. “The prevalence of distracted driving has become a national epidemic that causes countless crashes every year. Proper education on the dangers of intoxicated and distracted driving is key to making the roads safer.

Staged at the beginning of “Spring Week,” the event offers a timely reminder to students to be responsible throughout the activity filled week. The university will incorporate the #safespringweekend in conjunction with the Office of Student Activities to further spread the message of safety both on and off campus.