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Navigator Leadership Development Program

The Navigator Leadership Development Program is a four-year program aligned with Salve Regina's mercy mission and the social change model of leadership development. Designed to develop students as leaders through social responsibility at the individual, group and societal level, the Navigator program complements the entire undergraduate experience.

Students in the Navigator program participate in co-curricular programming that promotes the exploration and development of values drawn from the social change model. They also develop impact projects to address topics and social issues of their choosing.

The Navigator program has given me the ability to understand how one can learn outside the given curriculum. This program was an amazing opportunity for me to gain outside-the-box knowledge on skills that help me to engage in changing the community around me, and eventually changing the much larger problems in the world.
Cole Tindall

How Navigator Works

Students in the Navigator program use Portfolium to curate their achievements, reflect on campus programming and design/implement a project aimed at creating change for a particular issue on campus or in the local community. Along the way, they earn electronic badges that catalog how they learned to be a social change leader and gained transferable skills for post-college ventures.

Program Benefits

  • Students develop the tools and skills necessary to create positive social change. They also develop competencies that are important to employers, including teamwork, collaboration, leadership, professionalism, problem solving and communication.
  • Students experience a unique co-curricular program that highlights and enhances their Salve Regina education.
  • Students discover who they are as an ever-changing individual, what they are passionate about, and how to realize their vocation by channeling that passion into meaningful careers and purposeful lives.
  • Students who complete the program receive a pin acknowledging and celebrating their accomplishments. They also compile an electronic portfolio that details their co-curricular experience and can be shared with future employers, graduate programs or other post-graduation opportunities.

The Navigator program has definitely helped me face, comprehend and come to terms with all aspects of myself, which is definitely the first step in becoming a good leader.
- Kathleen Christ

Social Change Model

The social change model of leadership development consists of core values that transform individuals into agents of change. The Navigator program incorporates these core values over the course of four years at Salve Regina, developing students who embody the University mission. Each year is themed to connect students with co-curricular opportunities aligned with the core values – individual, group, community and global.

First Year

In the "Anchor" year, students focus on the individual level, which consists of:

  • Consciousness of self: Having the ability to gain awareness of one's current beliefs and values while simultaneously continuing to develop beliefs and values. Knowing oneself is foundational in any leadership experience.
  • Congruence: Making a concerted effort to align one's values with their actions. Consistency and authenticity are respected qualities in a leader.
  • Commitment: Being involved in the community in a way that demonstrates passion, energy and contribution. Positive social change cannot take place if there is no follow-through on ideas.

Second Year

In the "Crew" year, students focus on the group level, which consists of:

  • Collaboration: Working with others on a shared goal by capitalizing on the individualities of different members of a group. By incorporating the unique perspectives of a diverse group of people, new ideas and solutions can be created.
  • Common purpose: Possessing a shared responsibility and accountability for a collective aim. A group with a common purpose should work together in order to be effective. 
  • Controversy with civility: Consists of the ability to engage in open and civil discourse. Engaging in discourse with civility both gives and receives respect.

Third Year

In the "Port" year, students focus on the societal level, which consists of:

  • Citizenship: Being an active participant of one's community in a responsible way. Good citizenship entails having a concern for the well-being and rights of those in a given community, and then acting to help better the community.

Fourth Year

In the "Sail" year, students focus on the global level, which consists of:

  • Creating change: Students refine the skills needed to affect change in any level of society, including on a global scale. In order to impact a community in a positive and effective way, one must develop and possess the needed skills.

Students who are interested in the Navigator Leadership Development Program should email for the application and additional information.