March 26 - New grade and withdrawal policies

Dear Salve Regina Students,

Our prayers are with all of you during this time of transition and turbulence. We hope you are staying safe and supporting one another. 

Over the past few weeks, your faculty have been working to transition your courses to virtual learning. They are ready and excited to continue the semester with you, though they recognize there will be challenges as we all make this transition. In our Mercy tradition, I know they will be patient with you as we move forward. My hope is that you also are patient and resilient as we navigate this new terrain together.

Before classes begin on Monday, March 30, we want to notify you of two policies we have developed to assist you in this new learning environment. 

Please note that these policies to not apply to students in Salve’s online RN-BSN program.

First, Salve Regina students may choose to take their courses pass/fail this semester. 

Students may make this choice until Friday, May 1, and we strongly encourage you to wait until that time to make this decision. 

This option may or may not be appropriate for you. Students considering graduate or professional school application in select disciplines or students enrolled in majors that maintain accreditation (for example, nursing and education) may not benefit from this option. Therefore, you will need to consult with your academic advisor before selecting a course pass/fail. After consulting your academic advisor, you will need to submit to your professor a formal request by email to take a course pass/fail.  

Please note, students who are currently enrolled in an approved Study Abroad program during the spring term may also opt to transfer their course grades from their study abroad transcripts to Salve on a Pass/Fail basis; however, international grading systems are different. The Study Abroad team will work with the Salve Registrar to confirm equivalences by program. Students seeking this information should reach out to their study abroad advisor prior to the May 1 deadline. 

Second, we have extended the withdrawal date for each course to Friday, May 1. 

We are confident you will flourish in your virtual learning in the weeks ahead, but we understand this is a stressful time. This change in policy is designed to provide you greater flexibility than we have established in our traditional learning environment. Students will continue to request a withdrawal through the online form in Etrieve. Consult your advisor before withdrawing from a course, as it may delay your graduation.

You will hear from your faculty very soon. In the weeks that follow, stay healthy and know that we are one community – one Salve, here to support you in your continued success.

My best,

Dr. Nancy Schreiber