March 25 - To Faculty: Grading Policy Options

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

As we prepare for classes to begin on Monday, March 30, we all recognize our students are experiencing some trepidation and anxiety. As an institution, we want to continue offering our students an engaging and challenging learning experience while being responsive to their needs in a new learning environment.

After consulting with faculty and reviewing various policy initiatives at other institutions, I want to notify you of two policies we have developed to assist our students with their transition. 

First, Salve students may choose to take their courses pass/fail this semester.  Students may make this choice until Friday, May 1, and we will strongly encourage students to wait until that time to make this decision. Students will submit to their professor a formal request by email to take a course pass/fail. Faculty will then submit a P grade for students earning >65 and an F for <65.

Before selecting this option, we are asking students to discuss the decision with their faculty advisor. It is important to recognize that the pass/fail option is not appropriate in all situations. Students considering graduate or professional school application in select disciplines or students enrolled in majors that maintain accreditation may not benefit from this option. Students on academic probation seeking to increase their grade point averages will also need to assess the decision carefully.

We ask that departments unable to assign pass/fail due to accreditation policies (for example, nursing and education) email their students explaining the situation in the major, reminding students that they may still elect pass/fail in courses outside the major. 

Second, we have extended the withdrawal date for each course to Friday, May 1. Students will continue to request a withdrawal through the online form in Etrieve. Again, we are asking student to consult with their advisor before withdrawing from a course, as it may interrupt their degree plans and even delay graduation.

We will announce these new policies to our students this Friday, March 27. My hope is that they allow us to balance our deep commitment to a robust education while caring for our students during this time of many challenges. 

Thank you for your support in this endeavor and all the other remarkable ways you will be serving our students in the coming weeks.

My best,


Nancy Schreiber, Ph.D.

Provost & Vice President Academic Affairs