March 24 - To Faculty: Approved Technology Tools for Classroom

Dear Faculty Colleagues:

I know you are very focused on getting your courses up and running remotely. To that end, and as a means of ongoing support, I want to remind you that you need to utilize only those tools that Salve IT provides and supports (CANVAS, WebEx, and Office365) which are Salve Regina University standard technology platforms (noted below):

  1. CANVAS - Salve's online Learning Management System. All faculty are encouraged to ensure that their course shells in Canvas contain a Syllabi as well as the faculty members plan for teaching the remainder of the semester online that was filed with the Office of the Provost. Additionally including a discussion thread within your Canvas course shell for our students to be able to pose questions about the new teaching plan for the course, moderated by the faculty member would be extremely helpful. Posting class assignments to your course shell is encouraged. Student submissions can also be managed through Canvas.
  2. WebEx - All online interactions between faculty and students shall be accomplished through Cisco WebEx.  WebEX can be used to conduct synchronous learning sessions for virtual class interactions. WebEx can also be used to provide online office hours. It is suggested that Faculty members hold office hours online weekly via WebEx.  WebEx may also be used to record lectures for asynchronous learning by posting the recorded sessions to your Canvas Course Shell. This can be done by scheduling a WebEx session of only the faculty member and recording the session. Salve IT can assist in optimizing any faculty provided videos for online streaming which can be referenced from Canvas.
  3. Office 365 - This includes Outlook Email, OneDrive  All Salve University business should be conducted using your Salve provided O365 email account. OneDrive can be used to securely access and share files between members of our community using the Microsoft cloud.  

It is imperative that you not adopt any technologies that have not been mentioned above since Salve IT will not be able to assist students, or faculty, with non-approved tools.   

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me, or Irv Bruckstein.

Thank you for your cooperation,


Nancy Schreiber, Ph.D.

Provost & Vice President Academic Affairs