March 12 - To the Salve Regina community: Travel during Easter break

Dear Salve Regina community,

We appreciate your continuing compliance with University and state guidelines since our temporary pause. Once again, you have shown what we can accomplish when we work together for the betterment of all.

With Easter break on the horizon, we ask that you carefully weigh your decisions to travel during this time. As has been the case throughout this academic year, all non-essential travel is strongly discouraged, particularly during the break period. Travel heightens your risk of exposure and, by extension, the spread of disease on campus.

Our residence halls will remain open throughout Easter break, we will offer plenty of dining options and activities to keep you occupied, and we will support your spiritual needs during Holy Week and Easter Sunday. With spring approaching, this is an excellent time to catch up on well-deserved rest and to enjoy the beautiful outdoors close to campus.

Please keep your roommates, colleagues, friends and family in mind when making your decisions. How will your actions and interactions ultimately impact them? As roommates in particular present the greatest risk of infection to each other, it is imperative that you support each other in your decisions.

Also remember that Rhode Island’s travel advisory includes any state with a significant rate of transmission (positive test rates over 5 percent). If you travel to an impacted state, you should plan to quarantine off campus at your own expense upon return.

Mandatory surveillance testing for all undergraduate students will continue after Easter break. Please monitor your email for notifications regarding your scheduled appointment.

We know that these are difficult decisions, and we are grateful for your careful consideration regarding what is best for you, your family and our University community. Let’s make the rest of our semester a safe and healthy one.