Language Placement Exam

Salve Regina uses a Web-based exam to determine language placement for students who have previously studied French, Italian or Spanish. You will take the language placement exam during Orientation and must do so before registering for any language courses at the University. After you complete the exam, you will receive a language placement that will be valid for your entire academic career at Salve Regina.

Exam Tips

  • You should take the exam in a quiet place with no distractions.
  • You must take the exam without help from any outside sources, including the Internet, dictionaries, textbooks or other people.
  • Once you begin the exam, you must complete it in one 30-minute sitting.
  • Any irregularities are subject to review.

Taking the Exam

Take the language placement exam

  • To begin, enter the password 2017sRu (case sensitive).
  • Choose either French, Italian or Spanish from the dropdown menu and click "Begin."
  • On the next screen, enter your first and last name, student ID (if you don't know the number, just enter xxxx) and Salve Regina email address.
  • Complete the mandatory five-question survey and click "Continue." Failure to complete the survey accurately and completely will invalidate any results.
  • There will be a practice item for you to complete, and then the test will begin.
  • When you finish the exam, click "Finish."
  • Write down your language placement and keep it in a secure place. You can also screenshot your results or create a PDF of the results screen.

The table below shows how many semesters and which courses you will need to take based on your language placement. If you place into a language level that you believe is below your ability, please contact Dr. James G. Mitchell, chairman of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, at (401) 341-3246 or

Language Requirement (Students Matriculating Fall 2018 or Later)

Beginning language placementCourses student must takeSemesters needed to complete requirement
FRN/ITL/SPA 111FRN/ITL/SPA 111, 1122 semesters
FRN/ITL/SPA 112FRN/ITL/SPA 112, 2052 semesters
FRN/ITL/SPA 205FRN/ITL/SPA 205, 2062 semesters
FRN/ITL/SPA 206FRN/ITL/SPA 206, 2412 semesters
FRN/ITL/SPA 241FRN/ITL/SPA 241, 2422 semesters
FRN/ITL/SPA 242FRN/ITL/SPA 2421 semester
FRN/ITL/SPA 300-level courseNone - placed out, pending interviewNone

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