June 24 - To employees: Returning to work on campus

Dear Salve Regina employees,

The University is preparing to welcome remote working employees back to campus throughout the summer. In responding to the coronavirus pandemic, one of Salve Regina's primary goals is protect the health, safety and well being of all campus community members. The University has developed a multi-layered system of health and safety protocols and expects each member of our community to share the responsibility of adhering to these protocols to keep one another safe.

Staff employees will return in stages between July 6 and Aug. 11, allowing a slow increase in density on campus. The return dates are specific to each office. Employees should work with their supervisors to discuss their ability to return to on-campus work on the date established.

All information related to Salve Regina staff returning to work on campus will be accessible through the Virtual Salve/Back to Salve webpage for employees. Three critical resources, listed below, have been developed to ensure that all employees understand the expectations they must meet in order to safely work in their office locations and on campus in general. All employees are expected to review the documents and training video, and follow established guidance.

  • General guide for returning to work on campus
  • Workplace safety training video
  • Return to work on campus checklist, which gives guidance on what to do prior to returning to campus and requirements that must be followed while working on campus

Additional resources will be made available through the webpage in the coming weeks. To assist in the development of a comprehensive FAQ for employees, please submit any questions you may have after reviewing the resources.

Thank you for your patience as we address many complex challenges with bringing our community back to campus. Our goal is to approach these challenges with thoughtfulness and care, keeping our mercy values at the core of our decision making.

Nancy Escher
Director of Human Resources