July 28 - To the Salve Regina community: Answers to your frequently asked questions

Thank you to the students and families who joined us for a town hall with President Kelli J. Armstrong and members of the campus readiness group last week. If you were unable to attend, you can now watch the full town hall online. Our second town hall, scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6, will address the final stages of our Back to Salve plan and discuss what you need to know about returning to campus. Please register to join us if you can.

This week's update answers a variety of commonly asked questions that were not addressed during the town hall due to time limitations.

Salve Regina will continue to provide weekly updates pertaining to the 2020-2021 academic year throughout the summer, most often on Tuesday afternoons. New information will also be added to the Back to Salve website as details are finalized. For general comments, questions or concerns, please email coronavirus@salve.edu or call (401) 341-2329.

As we prepare to welcome the University community to campus, watch as J. Malcolm Smith, vice president for student affairs, answers some common questions.

When and how will the Salve Regina community be tested?

Salve Regina has contracted with the Broad Institute to offer testing on campus. All test results will be available within 24 hours. While the process is still being finalized, the current plan is to test all students, faculty and staff as they return to campus in the fall. Salve Regina will also offer testing for symptomatic students throughout the academic year, along with random testing of populations that may have a higher risk of exposure, such as nursing and social work students in clinical placements.

Full details will be provided in a future weekly update.

What should I do if I get sick during the semester?

Students who develop symptoms should call Health Services during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or Safety and Security after hours for assessment. Students with minor symptoms will be asked to quarantine in their campus residence until they can be tested. Students with severe symptoms will be relocated to quarantine housing on campus, or will return home to their permanent residence.

Students who have a suspected or confirmed positive test will be strongly encouraged to return home to their permanent residence to recuperate. Students who are unable or unwilling to return home will be moved to isolation housing on campus.

While in quarantine or isolation housing, students will be able to access their courses in real time or on demand. They will have food delivered on a regular basis and will be provided with basic supportive medicines. Students will have their health monitored via telemedicine each day. If their condition worsens, they may be transported to Newport Hospital.

What happens if my roommate gets sick? Will they be isolated?

All students with severe symptoms will be relocated to quarantine housing on campus as they await their test results. If your roommate’s symptoms are not severe, they may need to quarantine in their campus residence while they await test results. Since you have been living in close quarters, you will be encouraged to get tested also.

If your roommate tests positive, they will either return home to their permanent residence to recuperate or relocate to isolation housing on campus. Salve Regina will provide you with the appropriate supplies to clean and disinfect your room.

For further questions or concerns, contact the Dean of Students Office at (401) 341-2145 or deanofstudents@salve.edu.

What level of care will be offered to off-campus students and resident students living at the Newport Marriott?

Students in these populations who develop symptoms should call Health Services during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or Safety and Security after hours. Students who can transport themselves to campus will be assessed, tested and quarantined if necessary. Students who are unable to transport themselves to campus will be referred to a local urgent care clinic or the Newport Hospital emergency room for immediate assessment.

Students who need to quarantine or isolate will be encouraged to return home to their permanent residence, unless their off-campus living situation allows for them to safely quarantine without impacting their roommates and neighbors. Salve Regina encourages all students to choose the best situation not just for them, but also for their roommates and the surrounding community in general.

How often will the common areas in the residence halls be cleaned?

Salve Regina is increasing cleaning and disinfection schedules across campus to meet or exceed Centers for Disease Control guidelines. All common bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected at least once per day, and other common areas and high-touch locations will receive extra service.

In residence halls where students are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms, cleaning and disinfecting supplies will be available through Resident Advisors and soap will be provided.

Is there a place for students who are commuting to campus to attend remote classes?

Commuter students who need to attend a remote course while on campus will have access to a number of designated locations, including the library, the Starbucks lounge in Miley Hall, Gerety Hall and Jazzman’s Cafe in the O’Hare Academic Building. While many designated spaces will be available, students are also welcome to carve out a comfortable space in any campus location that suits their needs.

Is public transportation in Newport safe?

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA), which provides trolley service through campus along with bus service around the city of Newport and throughout the state, has increased its cleaning routines and is utilizing EPA-approved antiviral cleaning agents in order to maintain the highest levels of sanitation. Passengers are required to wear a face covering and no more than 20 passengers are allowed on any trolley or bus to ensure room for social distancing. To learn more, visit ripta.com/covid-19.

Salve Regina’s shuttles will continue to run and will follow RIPTA guidelines for occupancy and spacing. Face coverings will be required and shuttles will be cleaned after each use.

Can I work on campus?

Yes, on-campus student employment positions will be available, and Salve Regina is taking steps to ensure the health and safety of student employees. Student workspaces will be socially distanced from faculty, staff and fellow student employees and may use plexiglass dividers where feasible. Workspaces, locations and job types may call for different requirements, but on-campus jobs will move forward and will be executed in a safe and healthy fashion.

Can I work off campus?

Students are welcome to have jobs off campus, but are encouraged to take steps to ensure their safety. Students should speak with their employers to confirm that they are committed to following the health and safety guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and the Rhode Island Department of Health.

Do I need to quarantine for 14 days before starting classes?

If you are from Rhode Island or a state with a low rate of positive tests, you do not have to quarantine before starting classes. However, students who are arriving to campus from outside the United States or from a state with a positive test rate above 5 percent are required to quarantine upon arrival. The list of impacted states is updated often. Affected students should review the quarantine information sheet and complete the quarantine planning survey.

How will students living off campus stay up-to-date and informed?

Off-campus students are included in all email communications from the University, and may also receive messaging designed especially for them. Students should also follow Salve Regina on social media and check the Back to Salve website regularly.

It’s always important to read email communications from the University, but it is particularly critical during the situation we are currently facing. Students who have questions or concerns are encouraged to reach out. Don’t feel the need to guess – Salve Regina will provide the information you are seeking.