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Wellness Initiatives

Wellness Rewards Program

The Office of Human Resources is using the Tufts Health Portal to implement the wellness rewards program.

Tufts Health Plan members can earn wellness rewards by completing credits through the Tufts Health Portal. If you are not a Tufts Health Plan member, you can still use the Tufts Health Portal to reach your health and fitness goals, however only Tufts members can qualify for wellness rewards.

What changes have been made to the wellness rewards program?
Previously, employees were required to complete a tobacco-free affidavit to receive the wellness rate. Employees are now required to complete and log four credits throughout 2020 to receive the wellness rate in 2021.

What are the benefits of the wellness rewards program?
The program aims to provide resources and activities that will assist with improving your overall health and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Activities include, but are not limited to, talking with a nurse, enrolling in a Tufts wellness challenge or joining an onsite wellness activity hosted by the Office of Human Resources.

How do I complete requirements to receive the reduced rate in 2021?

  • Enroll and/or log in to the Tufts Health Portal
  • Click on "Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle"
  • Throughout 2020, complete and log any four credits available on the website

What are my options for earning credits?
Wellness activity options and additional details on each activity can be found on the 2020 wellness rewards program overviewwellness rewards getting started guide or the Tufts Health Portal.

Are there any additional incentives for participating in the wellness rewards program?
Employees who earn at least one credit each calendar quarter during 2020 will be entered into a drawing (for that quarter) to win a raffle prize.

Wellness Resources

Wellness portal: Salve Regina uses the Tufts Health Portal online wellness platform to manage its wellness rewards program. Through the Tufts Health Portal, employees have a multitude of resources at their fingertips, including nutritional counseling, smoking cessation, condition management, preventive care reminders, wellness challenges and more.

Rodgers Recreation Center: All employees have free access to the Sullivan Fitness Center in Rodgers. Employees are also welcome to participate in fitness classes. A list of upcoming fitness classes and their associated costs can be located on the University calendar.

Health Services: Located in the garden level of Miley Hall, Health Services offers periodic health-related events that are open to the entire University community. See the University calendar for upcoming events.

Local fitness centers: Salve Regina partners with Bridge to Fitness for discounted rates. Inquire with their membership offices and mention that you are a Salve Regina employee.

Fitness rebate form: Eligible employees who are enrolled in the University’s health care plan may apply for a gym membership/fitness class reimbursement of up to $150. Details can be found on the Tufts fitness rebate form.

Additional resources:

Employee Assistance Program

If personal problems arise and outside professional advice is needed, support is available. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP), administered by Coastline, helps employees and their families handle personal concerns.

EAP can assist with:

  • Marital or family problems (aging parents, troubled children, divorce)
  • Drinking/drug abuse problems
  • Legal/financial concerns
  • Emotional distress (depression, job pressures)
  • Relationship issues

Salve Regina employees and members of their immediate families and household are eligible. Benefits end upon termination of employment.

To access the EAP, call (800) 445-1195 or visit and use the company name Salve Regina. For additional information regarding the EAP benefit and its available services view the Coastline EAP video.

Supervisors who wish to have their employees use the EAP as a condition of continued employment, or who have questions about the appropriateness of the EAP in addressing performance issues, should contact the director of human resources prior to contacting the EAP.

Wellness Activities/Challenges

Fitness Tracker Challenge
April 1 through June 30Physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. You may earn credits for doing consistent physical activity such as walking, running, aerobics, swimming, etc. You earn credits for accumulating steps to reach the goal during the quarter. If you have a fitness tracker, be sure to link it with the health portal to automatically upload your daily steps. No tracker? On average 10 minutes of physical activity equals 1,000 steps.

Please follow the steps below to enroll in the Fitness Tracker Challenge:
1. Log in to your Tufts Health Portal
2. Under "Health and Wellness" select "Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle"
3. Under the "Rewards" drop-down select "Credits"
4. A series of wellness activities will be available, under "Join a challenge" select "get started" followed by "get started"
5. You will see "available, completed, missed and upcoming" hyperlinks, select "available" and enroll in the "Fitness Tracker Challenge"

Upcoming wellness activities

  • March - Sabbath Time Lunch and Learn
  • April - Building Blocks to a Healthy Self-Image Lunch and Learn
  • April - Tufts Fitness Tracker Challenge
  • May - Money Moves Challenge

DASH for Health

Dash for Health is an online nutrition and exercise program that promotes healthy habits for life. All nutritional advice is based on the DASH diet, which is scientifically proven to help lose weight, reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. The DASH diet has received the ranking of No. 1 best overall diet by U.S. News and World Report for seven consecutive years. It's also recommended by the USDA and the American Heart Association.

To learn more, visit and use the code SALVE to sign up and take advantage of this free offer.