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Tuition Benefit Program

Full-time staff who have completed their orientation period may take regular Salve Regina undergraduate and/or graduate courses for credit with a 100 percent tuition benefit.

Part-time staff who have completed their orientation period and work at least 20 hours per week may receive prorated tuition for regular undergraduate and/or graduate courses at the University. The prorated amounts are:

  • 20-24 hours per week: 50 percent tuition benefit
  • 25-29 hours per week: 66 percent tuition benefit
  • 30-34 hours per week: 75 percent tuition benefit

The program only covers tuition. All registration and course fees, as well as textbooks, are the employee's responsibility to pay.

For full details and instructions, refer to the Staff Handbook.


Staff may take up to two classes for credit on a non-matriculated basis. To take additional courses for academic credit, the employee must apply to the University, be formally accepted into a degree program and be fully matriculated.

Staff may receive tuition benefits for up to two courses each semester and for one course each summer session. The benefit extends to online interactive and hybrid courses and up to one workshop per semester on a space-available basis only. Also, on a space-available basis only and with instructor permission, an employee may audit a class (take a class for no credit). Staff auditing courses must follow all other tuition benefit guidelines (except matriculation).

Staff may earn up to two degrees and one certificate of graduate studies under the tuition benefit policy (excluding CAGS).