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M.S. in Innovation and Strategic Management

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Our program is designed to enhance students’ creative, entrepreneurial and socially responsible problem solving skills. Students from all majors will benefit from challenging theoretical case studies and creative analysis for today’s fast-paced and global business environment. The capstone project incorporates research, innovative decision-making, marketing and strategic management of human resources for a socially responsible, cost/benefit analysis of real organization. An undergraduate business degree is not required.

To earn the master’s degree in innovation and strategic management, students take a minimum of 12 courses (36 credits).

Required courses:

  • MGT503: Business Law
  • MGT509: Human Resources Management
  • MGT527: Leading Innovation
  • MGT530: Building Value through Marketing
  • MGT540: Social Justice and Business Ethics  
  • MGT554: Business Foresight and Futuring   
  • MGT555: Organizational Transformation and Change
  • MGT567: Creative Problem Solving
  • MGT569: Managerial Decision-Making
  • MGT589: Innovation and Strategic Management (capstone)

Students also complete two elective courses (6 credits) by combining selections from applied behavior analysis, administration of justice and homeland security, business studies, health care administration and management, holistic studies, humanities, international relations and rehabilitation studies.