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CGS in Digital Forensics

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Our Certificate of Graduate Studies (CGS) programs provide students with opportunities for professional development without the formal pursuit of a graduate degree.

The CGS in digital forensics acquaints students with computer network architecture, proper evidence collection and storage, and federal rules and criminal codes. It also helps them understand how foreign, state-sponsored threat actors target certain institutions and companies. Students are introduced to network traffic analysis, web log analysis, malware reverse engineering and cyber infrastructure analysis. They also learn to navigate networks, servers and mass data and utilize common digital forensic tools.

Required courses:

  • ADJ526: Principles of Digital Forensics
  • ADJ529: Advanced Digital Forensics

Students also choose two of the following:

  • ADJ537: Network Forensics and Incident Response
  • ADJ545: Mobile Forensics
  • ADJ546: Insider Threat
  • ADJ547: Malware Basics
  • ADJ570: Forensic Certifications (ACE/CCE)
  • ADJ581: Special Topics (as available for technical advancement)

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