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  • As part of their History of Technology course, students in the Ph.D. program's Independent Research Fellows Cohort visited IYRS's Newport and Bristol campuses. In Newport, IYRS dean of education Clark Poston escorted them through the 1885 yacht Coronet, which is undergoing a major restoration.


Our humanities programs explore complex questions about the human condition and provide insight into how we understand ourselves and our role in today's world.

Our master’s program integrates core classes in the humanities - arts, ethics, history, language and literature, philosophy, religion - with elective courses in such areas as holistic counseling, international relations and rehabilitation counseling.

Our doctoral program begins with an investigation of the question, “What does it mean to be human in an age of advanced technology?” Students then choose from four areas of inquiry, which serve as the foundation for individualized research that culminates in the doctoral dissertation.

To meet the time demands of our working students, we offer classes at our Newport campus and online.

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Course Spotlight

A History of Technology

Graduate Program in Humanities

This course investigates technology's impact on the human condition throughout history. Considered in this investigation are advances in technology based on human ingenuity, observation and experimentation. Practical examples are taken from fields such as agriculture, communication, education, manufacturing, medicine and business.