Substance Use Disorder Foundations

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Effective interventions for substance use disorders and addictive human behaviors require empathy and insight. Salve Regina University's graduate certificate in substance use disorder foundations provides a holistic understanding of these disorders and introduces students to the scientific foundations for treatment.

Incorporating Mind, Body and Spirit

In keeping with the University’s mission, our graduate certificate prepares students to work for a world that is harmonious, just and merciful by expanding knowledge and understanding in the field of substance use disorders.

The substance use disorder foundations certificate develops an understanding of the changes that occur during substance use and explores ways to identify and serve the needs of diverse populations who experience substance use disorders. Working closely with a program director, students learn to incorporate the best in counselor education training with a holistic perspective.

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$2,010 per course

Course Requirements

Salve Regina's graduate certificate in substance use disorder foundations is designed for students who hold a bachelor's degree and are seeking professional development and personal growth. Students in good academic standing who would like to continue their studies may apply to the M.A. in holistic counseling or M.A. in holistic clinical mental health counseling program and carry the credits forward.

Required courses:

  • HLC504: Holistic Foundations
  • HLC505: Interpersonal Helping Skills
  • HLC523: Understanding Substance Use Disorders: The Science and Application
  • HLC524: Identification of Special Population Needs within the Context of Substance Use

This course provides an introduction and historical overview of the philosophic and scientific foundations that inform the holistic graduate programs. The course focuses on the emergence of a holistic perspective as it applies to the development of western science and philosophy within the context of psychology, counseling and leadership as distinct disciplines. It examines how attitudes, beliefs and epistemological assumptions of scientific researchers have influenced professional practice in the fields of counseling and leadership. It further traces how recent changes in science’s epistemological assumptions have affected a shift in both research and professional practice and considers the implications of this shift. Ethics and orientation related to these professions are also introduced.

This course provides the opportunity to explore one’s style of interacting with others both verbally and non-verbally. Through practice in dyads and/or the whole class, students learn how to use basic interpersonal helping skills such as listening, primary accurate empathy, immediacy and appropriate self-disclosure – the skills of effective professionals in counseling and leadership professions.

This course describes the human addiction process as it applies to substance use disorders and addictive human behavior. Various theories regarding substance abuse counseling development and treatment are presented. Methods of evaluating effective treatment of addictions are also considered. This course provides the foundation upon which effective interventions are built, allowing students to understand the changes that occur throughout the course of this disease to engender empathy and insight.

This course explores ways in which to identify, understand and serve the needs of diverse populations within the substance abuse area. Students learn how to apply the knowledge gained in the substance abuse certificate program to actual populations.

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Our substance use disorder foundations courses are taught by seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. Instructors work one-on-one with students to meet their individual needs while serving as career-focused mentors.​

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Courses are billed individually at the start of each class. Please note that there is a $60 registration fee per semester.

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