Feb. 2 - To the Salve Regina community: Message from the president: Our shared responsibility

Watch the video: "Message from the president: Our shared responsibility"

All of us - students, faculty, staff and parents - have a shared responsibility to ensure that our campus remains open for in-person learning and activities. We all need to remain vigilant and do what is absolutely necessary to keep Salve Regina safe, despite the inconvenience and our weariness with these measures.

I continue to believe that Salve's got this, and I have faith that our beloved Mercy community will remain steadfast in its support of the common good. We have been a model for how to navigate a difficult time, but the hard work is not over until the virus is behind us, and we need your help.

Thank you for doing your part so that Salve Regina can stay open, and God bless our University community.

Kelli J. Armstrong, Ph.D.