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Public lectures on anxiety, depression and burnout

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018 - 5 p.m.

Location: DiStefano Lecture Hall

Event Type: Public Event

Audience: Public

Christophe Sauerwein, academic director for the International Conference on Addiction and Associated Disorders, and Dr. Philippe Wuyts, a psychiatrist with expertise in anxiety, depression and burnout, will present back-to-back lectures on these critical health topics.

Sauerwein, a psychotherapist based in London, will share what is known and not yet known about addiction, challenging pre-conceived ideas and reviewing avenues to help those experiencing pain and struggle. He will explore the origins of the disease of addiction and explain how it develops progressively, always manifesting itself in multi-faceted ways – some obvious and some hidden. He will also focus his talk on how the disease affects upper social classes with specific traits and symptoms, and how it is actually more difficult to help individuals from this social background to get the help they deserve.

Wuyts will look into the reasons for the current increase in “burnout syndrome” on a global level, linking the tenets of globalization, automation and technology in modern society as contributing factors to the rise of burnout pathology. He will review statistics on the syndrome and discuss its complex psychopathology and development over time. With the audience, he will also examine how chronic stress leads to the emergence of symptoms and, eventually, burnout, which can manifest itself as compassion fatigue syndrome and major depressive disorder.